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Wire Processing

Products for efficient Wire Processing

The Schäfer Group specializes in the development and manufacture of tooling as well as standard and special machines configured as bench-top machine, semi automatic machine and fully automatic machine especially for crimping, cutting and stripping in the wire processing industry. The company’s product range is complemented by quality control products as well as mold and die tooling.

Wire Processing Applications

Crimping and stripping of individual wires with extended functions for quality assurance

Bending of terminals, assembling with ferrite cores and crimping on two wires

Crimping of high-voltage cables and HCT4 terminals

Production of cables with tubular lugs in electromobility

Crimping of individual wires with functions for quality assurance

Crimping of high voltage cables and plugs HPS40-2

Crimping of individual terminals on wires with medium cross sections

Crimping of individual terminals on wires with large cross sections

Production of H- and Y-connectors for HPS40 systems in electromobility

Sealing and crimping of single wires or multi-core cabels successively

Sealing and crimping of two single wires or two-core cables in one machine cycle

Sealing and crimping of three single wires or three-core cables in one machine cycle

Fully automatic processing of wires with cross sections of 0.08 – 6 mm² for typical applications in the automotive industry

Fully automatic processing of wires with cross sections of 0.08 – 8 mm² for special applications

Semiautomatic connecting of multi-core wires with plugs for production of power cables

Fully automatic processing of polymer optical fiber cables (POF)

Dismantling of individual jacket cables

Stripping of single wires and coaxial cables with small cross sections

Applicators for Wire Processing

Applicator 21.100

Applicator for crimping with pneumatic feeding of the terminals


Applicator 30.2001

Applicator for crimping with mechanic feeding of the terminals

Individual applicator

Applicator for crimping power plugs without feeding of terminals

Machines for Wire Processing