Stamping Dies

Schäfer develops and fabricates individual progressive stamping dies of compact and modular design, progressive and combination cutting dies as well as bending tools and embossing dies.

Tools and dies are designed and fabricated using the most modern CAD/CAM systems. Precision tools are manufactured on high-performance machines based on many years of experience.

Plastic Injection Molds

Schäfer designs and fabricates injection molds for thermoplastic or thermosetting materials and provides expert support services even in the development process, for instance in the product design and mold engineering stage. Any desired surface finish can be provided, for instance lasered, eroded or etched textures, brush or high polish finishes. Each single mold is subjected to extensive testing verifying its suitability for series production.

Schäfer’s services include fabrication of small and medium-size batches, quick repair services in the event of operating trouble, mold maintenance at agreed intervals as well as supply of spare parts.

Die Casting Molds

Schäfer develops and fabricates high-performance die casting molds at a size of up to 800 x 800 mm. These molds are suitable for die casting aluminum, magnesium, zinc and tin alloys. The true-to-size molds ensure production of castings with excellent surface characteristics and a long service life.

Schäfer provides support for the fabrication of samples in rental mold frames and arranges availability of production capacity in local foundries. Schäfer’s services include repair and maintenance of casting molds as well as supply of spare parts.

Friction Welding Tools

Schäfer fabricates precision friction welding tools for joining thermoplastic components. In close cooperation with customers these tools are designed, fabricated, tested and readied for series production. Their high quality guarantees a long service life.

The joints produced are characterized by high strength, tightness and reproducibility. The process lends itself well to automation and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Friction welding tools from Schäfer are used by major auto manufacturers in series production processes, for instance the connections between light cover panels and light housings.

Hotmelt Molding Tools

Hotmelt molding tools from Schäfer serve to overmold, shape and seal electric components to encapsulate and protect them from adverse environmental effects, such as moisture and dirt.

Schäfer develops and fabricates low-pressure hotmelt molding tools that are specifically adapted to the processing system used. The tools are particularly suited for use with the hotmelt machines K1002 und VRC501.