Software for cable processing machines

Easy-to-follow process control

With WireStar, the user has access to Schäfer‘s many years of software experience in the field of cable processing. It supports optimum process flows for high-quality production results both through reliable and delay-free data availability and through user-friendly and process-oriented design.

Intuitive operation

The further development of WireStar facilitates the operator‘s conceptual understanding of the software and machine. For example, the operator interacts via a touchscreen, making it easy to understand how to handle the machine safely, even in complex workflows. The modern software design allows process controls for both simple and complex applications.

Optimal framework

Short set-up times enable maximum machine utilization and are subsequently ensured by consistent user guidance. To achieve that, the upcoming production can be combined with the necessary test steps when the machine is set up in WireStar. This ensures that the test data is generated regularly and is available for the extended test process. The evaluated data can be used retroactively to ensure production quality via database and interface functions.

Synergies through networking

WireStar‘s excellent networkability contributes to central process coordination and supports machines ranging from manual workstations to transfer systems through extensive and configurable database management. The integrated networking with Schäfer Connect facilitates process coordination with the operator‘s planning system for resources (e.g. ERP). The dashboard can also be used to display status, production progress and material consumption independent of the installation location.

Innovation through Commitment

In summary WireStar provides you with the following advantages:
• Can be used for simple machines and complex systems
• Scalability to support different layouts
• Full downward compatibility for all previous systems
• Third-party software integration
• Configurable quality process
• Configurable connection to various ERP systems
• Customer-specific data configuration

Product brochure

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