Tinning of Strands on Wire Processing Machines

The tinning stations were specifically developed for use on automatic cable processing machines and allow wire strands to be tinned smoothly and efficiently by the wave tinning process. Reduced slag formation cuts maintenance and servicing costs. Thanks to the compact, lightweight construction, the tinning stations are easy to handle and require little space on automated wire processing systems.

Tinning Station FA500

Flexible applicability

The tinning station facilitates clean and effective tinning of strands using the wave process. Thanks to the level control, reliable processing is ensured, i.e. uniform repetitive tinning. It is used both for automatic cable assembly machines and for manual workstations.

Advanced technology

A suction device connection has been prepared to adapt to the latest safety standards. The simplified integration of the control system, the space-saving design and the fast heat-up time also allow easy integration into automatic cable assembly machines. In addition, the tinning station is prepared for process coordination with the operator‘s planning system for resources (e.g. ERP) for continuous networking with Schäfer Connect.

Practical added value

The facility for reduced oxidation formation and the improved cleaning and service options create further prerequisites for reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Intuitive operation

The user interface can be set in several languages in the intuitive Schäfer design. Operational readiness is achieved with manual operation by digital input of the temperature and the level on the touch screen. In automatic mode, these parameters are set by the leading controller of the entire machine.

Process signals from the tinning station are also returned to the control of the automatic cable assembly machine. Subsequent manual corrections of the tin flow control are possible via direct switching function between the operating modes.

Innovation through commitment

In summary, the tinning station provides you with the following advantages:

• Slim and modular design
• Prepared for networking, e.g. via Schäfer Connect
• Complete programmability of flux and tin processing
• Supports third-party flux systems
• Backward compatibility for assembly, connection and software
• Perfect for processing lead-free tin

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