Stripping Modules

Schäfer supplies a wide spectrum of standard stripping modules and provides development of customer-specific modules, for reproducible wire stripping processes. The standard modules are intended for regular stripping processes. They are available with various features and functionalities.

These modules are designed to be used in combination with Schäfer crimping applicators on crimping machines.

Bending Modules

Forming terminals to the desired shape prior to crimping, bending modules can be attached to crimping applicators or bending stations can be integrated into the processing line.

This in-process bending benefits in that reels can be used that hold more terminals thanks to the latter’s flat shape. Thus machine downtime due to reel changes can be significantly reduced.

Seal-Module SSM with Seal-Kit SSK

Schäfer’s semi and fully automatic processing machines can be fitted with equipment for attaching seals to wires. The seal kit SSK spaces the seals and feeds them to the seal module SSM-1 in the correct position.

This module applies the seals to the cables in a precise and fast manner. Different seal types including mini seals and hard shell seals can be applied.


The fitting head is a module for automated machines which serves to produce connections on coated wires or insulated cables using insulation displacement terminals.

The terminals are cut off the carrier strip, spaced and fed to the attachment point in the right position.