Wire Straightener 2700

Preparation for cable production

Straightening for further processing

The Schäfer wire straightener is used for the production-technical preparation of one or two-core cables for further wire assembly.

Wires can, for example, be deformed due to unfavorable storage, transport and previous production methods. The wires are straightened for precise further processing on crimping machines.

Advantages of the machine

The straightening machine impresses with its simple operation, high durability and a wide range of applications.

Manual operations

For processing in the straightener machine, twisted wires must be opened and inserted individually or in pairs. The machine is started via a cable-connected push-button.

During the straightening process, the wires are held by hand at the other end of the cable and then removed. Various parameters can be set to achieve an optimal result.

Conform with the machinery directive

The wire straightener fully complies with all CE and EMC machine guidelines (mechanical and electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility).

Technical Data


Contact pressure1.5 – 6 bar
Straightening durationadjustable in 10 steps
Transverse strokeadjustable in 4 variants

Supplies and interfaces

Power supply230 V, 50 Hz
Compressed air6 bar

Dimensions and weight

Wire insertionØ 4 mm
Straightening length40 mm
Width x depth x height380 x 240 x 200 mm
Weight10.5 kg

Product brochure

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