Stripping Tool Ministrip

Mobile stripping of single wires and coaxial cables

Precise stripping

The stripping tool MiniStrip features a four-blade system, which provides accurate and exactly repeated stripping of cables.

The coating is removed by cutting with rotating blades and strip-off in one single step. This innovative procedure allows processing of coax cables as well as Kapton and Teflon coated cables. The high precision avoids damage to wires or dielectric.

Fast setup

The tool is adjusted to a different diameter or length in a few seconds using a calibrated scale. A locking screw allows the diameter adjustment to be blocked.

The MiniStrip is fully mobile as no power supply or compressed air is required. Changing the knives is easy and does not require any special tools.

Ideal for mobile use

The MiniStrip is particularly suitable for mobile use. For example, service personnel and fitters use the handy device for repairs.

Optional extensions

For the MiniStrip stripping tool, the following options are available:

  • Centering device
  • Stripping blades

Technical Data

Processable materials

Wire Single wire, jacket cable, coax, etc.
Cable outer diameter: Max. 2.5 mm
Cross sections: 0.16 – 2.0 mm², AWG 12- 34 [1]
Insulation: Teflon, PVC, Kynar, Kapton
Shielding: Copper, stainless steel


Stripping length Max. 15 mm
Outer jacket stripping length Depending on material and type of wire

Performance and geometry

Cutting head Rotary head
Number of stripping blades 4


Diameter Infinitely
Length Infinitely

Scale division

Diameter 0.01 mm
Length 1.0 mm

Dimensions & weight

Length x width x height 165 mm x 18 mm x 18 mm
Weight 0,09 kg

[1] Depending on material an type of wire.

Product brochure

Download the brochure as a PDF document