Pull-Off Force Measuring Device SQS15

Testing of crimped cable connections

On-site quality control

The motorized pull-off force measuring device SQS15 from Schäfer is used for testing the strength of crimp connections. Reliable measurement results can be obtained quickly using various test methods. The graphic display provides simple and exact evaluation.

Testing process for quality assurance

The controlled drive allows a constant pull-off speed over the entire measuring period. The tensile force is measured with an accuracy of +/-0.5 % and shown in the display with a resolution of 0.1 N. When the cable connection is broken, the peak value is automatically stored and compared with the specified limit value.

Various test sequences can be selected:
• Pulling off and tearing out
• Pulling off and holding (non-destructive test)
• Pulling off, holding and tearing out

Intuitive operation

The very simple and intuitive operation ensures reproducible test results. For example, the operator clamps, e.g. the terminal, and places the free end in the combined clamping and pulling device. After closing the protective hood, the motor can be started at the push of a button and the fixed cable is pulled evenly. Optional software from Schäfer enables quick display and creation of test reports with statistics and individual
results in various languages.

Wide range of applications

The robust design has proven itself both for use in quality assurance and in production. The SQS15 pull-off force tester can be used to test cable connections with ferrules, plug pins, solder pins or similar components according to DIN, EN, BS, IEC, UL, SAE and MIL standards. Depending on the respective standard, a constant pulling speed of 25 to 350 mm/min can be set. Two adapters for all common cable thicknesses with 12 different slot widths from 0.5 mm to 6.0 mm are available for fixing the cables.

Innovation through commitment

In summary, the SQS15 pull-off force tester from Schäfer provides you with the following advantages:
• Simple operation using a quick clamping system for the most common terminal types
• Various test methods with preset parameters
• Automatic determination of peak values
• High accuracy and precise reproducibility
• Adjustable motorized pull-off with constant pulling speed
• Integrated interfaces USB 2.0 , RJ 45 and RS 232 (for printer)
• Clear output of results with optional software from Schäfer for crimp quality laboratories including adjustment of the measuring range and automated evaluation

Product brochure

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