Crimping Machine SCM

The trend-setting Machine Concept

Innovative framework

The SCM has been designed for stripping and crimping multi-core wires, with advanced quality assurance functions. This was based on a wide variety of products for cable assembly, optimization of retooling work and compliance with high quality standards.

Cutting monitoring during stripping

When monitoring the cutting depth, strand contact on the stripping blade is detected as a fault during the stripping process. This function is an ideal supplement to crimp force monitoring and prevents the use of damaged cables in further processing.

New machine concept

The modular components of the innovative machine concept reduce set-up times and increase flexibility for processing a wide range of products. The spatial and functional switch settings provide the prerequisite for immediate conversions and extensions. Installation space is already provided for additional control technology and components can be changed and added without tools.

Intuitive operating software

The touch screen control has an intuitive user interface for easy and safe operation in various languages. Selecting different user roles and operating modes as well as machine networking functions provides flexible and modern process sequences.

To adapt the crimping machine to the processed material, a large number of parameters can be precisely set via the machine control: Zero cutting and stripping length, cutting depth, stripping return stroke and crimp position.

Innovation through commitment

In summary, the crimping machine with Schäfer single-cut monitoring provides you with the following advantages:

• Versatile applications
• Easy to convert and expand
• High quality thanks to cutting and crimp force monitoring
• Prepared extension and mounting options
• High degree of safety for operators

Product brochure

Brochure as a PDF document

Base equipment

  • Eccentric press
  • Machine cover
  • Stripping module
  • Trash box

Optional extensions

  • Zero cut module
  • Crimp process monitoring
  • Bad part cutter
  • Paper winder
  • Foot switch

Technical Data

Processable materials

WireSingle wires
Wire cross section: 0.05 to 6 mm² [1]
TerminalsTransversely belted stripes


Stripping lengths< 10 mm [1]
Sheath-removal lengths> 10 mm [1]

Performance and geometry

Drive0.75 kW three-phase motor
Motor speed440 – 2000 RPM
Pressing force20 kN
Stroke40 mm
Closing height135.78 mm


SoftwareSTI 2015

Connection data and interfaces

Power supply230 V, 50/60 Hz
Compressed air6 bar

Dimensions and weight

Width x Depth x Height1560 x 700 x 1950 mm [2]
Weight450 kg [2]

[1] Depending on the configuration of wire and terminal.
[2] Approximate indication for basic equipment.