The central interface for machine networking

Trendsetting software platform

Schäfer Connect is a networking platform for communication between machines and the operator‘s data management system (e.g. ERP, MES). Order processing, quality management and production optimization are among the main fields of application of this forward-looking software system.

Regardless of the particular equipment, all connected machines are made accessible to the customer via the standardized OPC-UA interface.

One-time installation, simple expansion

The one-time connection and configuration to the higher-level customer IT system means that the on-site installation work is finished. Prepared crimping machines and production plants can be integrated quickly and easily into Schäfer Connect using a mapping solution.

Production optimization

The clear machine status display of Schäfer Connect allows efficient setup and service planning, among other things.

The permanent data exchange between the machine, Schäfer Connect and the higher-level customer IT system reliably contributes to the reduction of downtimes and non-productive times contributing to a sustained increase in productivity.

Architecture and application range

The standardized and modularized system architecture facilitates central monitoring of the machine park if desired. The individually configurable parameter overview can be used as a basis for quality evaluation and documentation as well as production optimization.

Expandable range of functions

Depending on market requirements, Connect can be individually expanded with additional functions.

With the AddOns, Schäfer selectively rounds off the digital platform and provides a sustainable solution with specifically expandable functional ranges and the resulting added value. In the future, we will continuously expand this service, focusing on customer and market requirements, in order to generate specific solutions together with you that will constantly improve production performance and quality.

Innovation through commitment

In summary, Connect provides you with the following advantages:
• Machine networking to customer IT systems
• Low installation costs
• Actual monitoring of cable processing machines
• Production notifications and status signals
• Increased efficiency and productivity

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